Visualisation solution for the urban planner

3D visualisation solution for urban planning and platform for dialogue with stakeholders and citizens. 100% web – easy to use, update and share.

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3DMaps SDK

The leading 3D GIS platform for web and mobile

Supports development of 3D enabled applications for web and mobile such as geoportal, navigation, issue tracking, fleet management and more.

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Visualisation and dialogue solution for the urban planner

CityPlanner helps you:

  • Visualise city development in 3D
  • Explore building heights and architectural designs
  • Perform shadow analysis in real time
  • Study spatial compositions and do line of sight analysis easily

Use CityPlanner to:

  • Involve stakeholders and citizens in early dialogue
  • Crowd source ideas for urban development
  • Gather local knowledge from people living in the area
  • Present key considerations and important questions for planning decisions

CityPlanner is a cloud service, no installation or maintenance required.

Upload and use your existing 3D data or contact one of our 3D data partners

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3DMaps SDK

For developers and applications with custom needs, the 3DMaps SDK delivers unparalleled performance for web and mobile deployment.

The 3DMaps SDK enables you to:

  • Integrate a 3D view into existing GIS solution.
  • Build custom applications such as GeoPortal, Issue reporting, Fleet management with 3D capabilities.
  • Visualise terrain models, 3D-city models, Photo 3D-models created with Bentley’s ContextCapture, Airbus StreetFactory, AgiSoft’s Photoscan and others.
  • Connect to GIS data sources via WMS, WCS, database, shape and files.


Supports Windows, MacOS, Linux and all leading browsers and mobile OS.

Data support

Supports all leading 3D data provider delivery formats and OGC standards.


Supports massive data sets with city, regional or national coverage.


Developed with a true web based structure – for local team or mass deployment.

Get started with the 3DMaps SDK today.

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