Portals – Publish several projects into one view

Portals are a new type of project that is now available in CityPlanner. With Portals, you can publish several projects into one view as long as the projects share the same background. The portal projects can be shared with a team by inviting team members, published online with Publish2Web or synced and downloaded to a CityPlanner Offline installation. It even works plugin and app free on iOS and Android.


Here’s how a Portal looks with a few published projects:


Portal view (Overview)


Project view

To create a new Portal, login to CityPlanner. On top of the Projects list, you’ll find a Create Portal button.


Create new Portal

Select which Scenery (background) and projects you want to include into your Portal. You can add more projects into the Portal later if you wish.


Create new Portal – Settings

When created, a Portal is edited just like any other project. You can set the start view, add view points and a description. You do that in the Editor.


Create new Portal – Editor

For the Projects that are included into the Portal, you should remember to set the position and image for the Project Icon in the portal view. You do so with the Editor for each project, the settings are available under the Project Settings, Portal settings section. Click to choose position and upload a PNG if you don’t want to use the default icon.


Project settings – Icon placement and image

From a Project’s publish page, you can also publish directly to a Portal that you have access to. Here’s how that looks:


Publish to a Portal

CityPlanner Offline downloads portals and all linked projects using the Sync application. When logging in with the Sync application, you’ll be able to select which portals you want to download and run Offline.


Download and run Portals with CityPlanner Offline