Beta test open for CityPlanner “Next”


We’re happy to open up the preview version of the new CityPlanner Editor to existing CityPlannerOnline users. We have been working on this major upgrade of CityPlanner for about a year so we are excited to finally let the public beta test begin. Codenamed “Next”, the new CityPlanner is a ground up redesign and redevelopment of the editor and the admin experience in general.

About the open Beta:

  • Don’t expect everything to work just yet. Things might break but don’t worry, that’s normal. Let us know what’s broken and we’ll fix it.
  • Use for evaluation, training & test but not for projects that you actually want to publish publicly.
  • Give us lots of feedback on everything. Use the form in the help-pages to send us feedback.

To access Next, go to and login with your user/password from CityPlannerOnline.

Have fun exploring “Next”!

Agency9 Team