CityPlanner Next / Legacy status

It’s been a while since the last news post, so we thought it’s time to update you all on the status of CityPlanner Next and Legacy.

CityPlanner Next is planned to completely replace Legacy by the end of the year.

Right now, here’s where we are at:

  • CityPlanner Offline supporting Next portals & projects – Preparing for Beta test by invitation. If you have an Offline license, you are eligible for the Beta test.

Missing legacy features currently in development:

  • FadeIn/FadeOut, Distance visibility interactions
  • Search admin & frontend UI

Missing legacy features soon to start development:

  • Export 3D model
  • Export Dialogue answers
  • Default setting for graphics profile and interface
  • Integrated News & Support system

Once the legacy features are implemented, we’ll start the migration process of projects on legacy to Next.

// The CityPlanner team