4D – Advanced planning tool for the municipality

Visualization of the City’s investments over time adds a new dimension. To discuss and plan the municipality’s investment budget preparation and monitoring is complex and it´s difficult to get a common picture of the situation and the relationship between different aspects. Agency9, together with Linköping Municipality has developed a solution for this. City Planner 4D initiated by Finance Director of Linköping in consultation with the local map / measure unit. Linköping wanted ,for internal budget preparation, to have an opportunity to visualize investment in a structured and educational way. We worked with Linkoping to create this based on the City Planner and delivered a solution that is used in meetings with great appreciation. The solution is popularly known as the “City Planner 4D” developed in projects with joint municipal funding which together govern the new development and maintenance. Now, several municipalities have shown interest and have signed up to use and further develop this concept. Implementation of what is described below is a direct extension of our City Planner.

Below you see a short videoclip from the first version.

Norrköping and Gothenburg have also joined the project with their demands and visions.

Main functions today:

  • Show investments in 3D city models with a variety of icons showing location.
  • Show/hide projects based on categories.
  • Time slider control for selecting projects under implementation selected years.
  • Display of costs per project and a total of a year in city models and graphs.
  • Forecast and trends of population in each district as 3D visualization and graphs.
  • Analyze and visualize planned residential project based on phases and capacity.
  • Integrated in Cityplanner for easy administration.
  • Support in Offline/Mobile and desktop

Screenshot 4D Projects

4D general

Screenshot 4D Residential projects

4D residental planning

Screenshot 4D Population forecast

4D population