4D improves decision making in city management

Planned investments presented with interactive 3D-illustrations, costs and time

Stockholm, June 2014

Agency9, the leading provider of 3D visualisation platform and urban planning solutions for web and mobile, revealed today a joint project with Linköping Municipality in Sweden that will reform the management of city development budget and plans. Using the sharpest 3D visualisation solution from Agency9, the development projects are presented on large easy to use touch monitors for meeting delegates and citizens. The presentation provides an unparalleled overview and understanding of the size of investments, location and how projects interrelate.

”This is not only a support for political decisions, but also strengthens opportunities for a better dialogue with citizens. New possibilities are now provided to allow citizens to participate in forming Linköping tomorrow and in the future” says Paul Lindvall Chairman of Linköping Municipality

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The application is running on a large touch screen to present the full city in 3D. Users can easily navigate in the virtual city with touch gestures similar to those used for tablets and mobiles. Projects are marked in the 3D scene as icons for different categories i.e. infrastructure, apartments, health, education and culture. A touch opens the project view containing 3D illustrations placed in the city model and images illustrating design vision. The project view provides a clear and intuitive understanding of the selected project in the context of the existing city.

Project time plans and investment budgets are updated by the different city departments in a database. A specific year or time interval can be selected on an interactive time slider, highlighting projects current in that selection. Investment budget and population projection can also be visualised in map and diagram views for selected time period. On large touch monitors this presentation method gives an excellent understanding as the future investments are viewed in the proper context, both spatial as well as temporal.

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The application is built for Linköping Municipality using Agency9’s leading edge 3D visualisation platform 3DMaps and CityPlanner. CityPlanner is a unique online 3D-visualisation tool for city planning and citizen dialogue currently in use by over 30 cities in Nordics, Europe and Asia. CityPlanner Offline is an extension to the web version of CityPlanner requiring no internet connection and fully leverages the capacity of a gaming computer to achieve best rendering quality and performance.


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GIS Department Manager Jonas Sjölin present the city´s investments until 2025

”Next step is to develop a web and tablet version of this application in CityPlanner to make it available to everybody”, says Jonas Sjölin GIS Manager at the Linköping Municipality.

”Agency9 is proud to present this project with Linköping Municipality. Linköping’s insight and innovation in applying new technology in their decision processes has encouraged us in this project. Internal and external communication is crucial in city development. Our popular CityPlanner online service for web and mobile has again proven to be a perfect platform for applications now as a desktop application for touch screens.” says Håkan Engman CEO of Agency9

About Agency9

Agency9 is a leading provider of software for online based 3D visualization of geographic information and maps for collaboration and communication in the infrastructure, construction and public sector. Agency9’s product portfolio for web and mobile includes 3DMaps, CityPlanner and other online 3D geospatial solutions. The company was established 2003 and is an established leader in the online 3D market.

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