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Agency9 CityPlanner adds support for Blom 3D

10. December 2013 Agency9, the leading provider of web based 3D visualisation and GIS solutions, announces support in its CityPlannerOnline for the extensive archive of 3D models from Blom, a leading European service provider within acquisition, processing and modelling of geographic information. Blom3D™ is the product name for Blom’s archive 3D models. Blom currently has […]

Agency9 launches WebGL support for online 3D city portals

Sweden, October 2013 Agency9, the leading provider of web based 3D visualisation solutions, today announces WebGL support for the 3DMaps platform. Agency9 3DMaps is a high performance 3D visualisation and GIS platform for online applications. It is currently in use by major organisations internationally. WebGL is a promising technology for plugin free 3D rendering capabilities […]

Photorealistic 3D cities launched for city planning online

Stockholm Sweden, September 2013 Agency9, the leading provider of web based 3D visualisation solutions, today announces support for 3D models and cities generated with Smart3DCapture™ from Acute3D. Municipalities, authorities, and private organisations can now use the photorealistic 3D models in Agency9 CityPlanner to easily create web applications for planning, GIS, tourism and security. Acute3D’s Smart3DCapture™ […]

Agency9 brings 3D gaming effects to web based GIS and planning

Stockholm Sweden, August 2013 Agency9 CityPlanner, the unique web service for 3D visualisation now releases support for 3D rendering effects such as real time shadow mapping, ambient occlusion, atmospheric scattering and god rays. These effects, traditionally only seen in high-end video games, elevate even the most simple 3D-model and city model to an astounding visually […]

Agency9 and City of Norrköping receives international award for urban planning in 3D

City of Norrköping and the Swedish software company Agency9 received the Excellence Award in Urban Planning at the international reputable conference “Geospatial World Forum 2013” in Rotterdam. The award was received for the innovative use of web based 3D visualization in the communication of city development projects and for the dialogue with citizens. The award […]

CityPlanner Usergroup May 27 in Norrköping

As a suggestion from our existing customers we are now establish a Usergroup for CityPlanner. The first step we welcome you together with cities of Norrköping in to this Usergroup. The purpose of the Usergroup is to provide inspiration and get the chance to exchange experiences and hear about news of CityPlanner. There will also […]

Gothenburg citizen portal -Candidate to the best E-service 2013

Gothenburg and their site “Min Stad” is one of nine semi finalists of becoming the best E-service 2013. The prize is awarded to the governmental authority or similar public organization, e.g. municipalities, county councils etc., for the most innovative e-Government development. http://minstad.goteborg.se http://www.guldlanken.se/web/t/Page____1699.aspx