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Help us improve CityPlanner

The CityPlanner Editor is getting a complete redesign. We need your help to understand how we can improve the user experience and prioritize new features. Take the survey and help us improve. http://goo.gl/forms/oK5qd8WLtQ  

Project View 2016 Beta with Dialogue WebGL released!

The new Project View with Dialogue features has been released for public beta test. The purpose of this public test is to get feedback on both bugs and usability. The new template is available to all, but the Dialogue features requires an active Dialogue module subscription to use. A complete walk through of the features and […]

Updated Offline Viewer version released

Make sure to run the Offline Sync application to get the latest CityPlanner Offline Viewer. The new version has: * Graphics settings mode – Try the Extreme mode if you feel brave * Autopilot camera speed setting * Kiosk Setting – If in Kiosk mode, then the Viewer locks to a Portal with no way […]

Set Point of interest icon altitude and window dimensions

Now it’s possible to set the altitude of points of interests and also custom width and height for POI popup windows. You’ll find it in the editing options for Points of interests, see images below for details. This fixes the issue with positioning placemarks on top of uploaded 3D-buildings as seen in the screenshot. Now […]

Embed videos and web pages in points of interests

Did you know it is possible to embed web content in the WebGL project view points of interest popup window? Here’s how to embed a Youtube video: Open up the editor and create a layer Create a point of interest and click Show Source Go to the Youtube video page click Share and then Embed. […]

Portals – Publish several projects into one view

Portals are a new type of project that is now available in CityPlanner. With Portals, you can publish several projects into one view as long as the projects share the same background. The portal projects can be shared with a team by inviting team members, published online with Publish2Web or synced and downloaded to a […]