CityPlanner Online and Offline updated

CityPlanner has been updated with primarily bug fixes and minor improvements.

Offline bug fixes:

  • Offline shadow control month text not visible
  • Layers set to admin access visible when they should not be. Now layers must be set to access: All to show up in Offline
  • Offline can get stuck with blur filter
  • Portal with no projects breaks in autopilot
  • Offline with Portals and Projects with WMS can freeze
  • Offline can crash after long period of time in autopilot
  • Dialogue category labels gets cut off, line height to small
  • Custom layer and viewpoint button texts in portal projects not shown
  • Attribute window not shown

Offline new features:

  • Offline setting for language. You’ll find it in Settings.exe under Language (Swedish and English)
  • Gzipped A3X background data now works in Offline

To update Offline, just run the sync.exe application and you should get these updates. If you haven’t updated in a very long time, make sure you have a sync application that’s newer than June 2015 – if not, you might have to download the sync application from your account page before updating.

Online bug fixes:

  • Project icons in Portal takes a long time to load.
  • 4D delete all imported projects not working
  • 4D update imported projects makes duplicates
  • Dialogue suggestion panel too wide on small resolutions – should shrink to single column

Online new features:

Project icon in Portal has been updated with a new design for shape and default color and icon.

The project icon color can be changed in:
Portal->General settings->Customize->Design

The inner icon can be customized for each project from the Editor:
Project editor->Settings->Portal settings->Use custom icon