CityPlanner Usergroup May 27 in Norrköping

As a suggestion from our existing customers we are now establish a Usergroup for CityPlanner. The first step we welcome you together with cities of Norrköping in to this Usergroup. The purpose of the Usergroup is to provide inspiration and get the chance to exchange experiences and hear about news of CityPlanner. There will also be an opportunity to jointly discuss product plans and above all to give you the opportunity to connect with other users.

Date: 2013-05-27

Time: 10:30 to about 16:00

Location: Norrköping

Usergroup is mainly addressed to those responsible for implementing of CityPlanner but also for practical users. For this Usergroup we would like to offer you that may be interested in starting to use CityPlanner. Participation can give you a great insight into how CitiPlanner can be used and its values.

It will be exciting presentations where various cities how will share their practical experience and their strategies for 3D and the value of using CityPlanner. Examples are Norrköping, Linköping, Alingsås, Göteborg. Noticeably, we will introduce many exciting innovations and our plans forward with City Planner.

If interested or questions please email


Look at the movie about CityPlanner: