Crowdsourced urban planning in 3D with WebGL

Agency9 release new public participation and dialogue tools in CityPlanner for Smart Cities

Geospatial World Forum, Lisbon  – May 2015

Agency9 the Swedish software company with leading streaming webGL solution for large scale 3D visualisation on web and mobile, this month release a new generation 3D tools for public participation and citizen dialogue for smart cities. The new CityPlanner solution leverage Agency9s high performance streaming capability to deliver virtual interactive 3D view of  city development projects combined with a user friendly dialogue interface to engage the citizens.

Traditionally development projects in cities are communicated in public meetings, posters and with formal documents on the web. Presentation of plans are normally very detailed and accurate but nearly impossible to comprehend for a normal citizen. Projects are in many cases received with storms of criticism and complaints in late phases, sometimes based on misunderstandings, resulting in unnecessary delays and heavy project cost increases.

Surveying local competence in the development areas is valuable input to planners. 3D visualisation and web based citizen dialogue is increasingly important in communicating with clarity and managing city development projects efficiently. Continuous information about projects will decrease risk for surprises and misunderstandings.

“The perspective of internet based dialogue shall be valued against planning departments traditionally receiving few comments from a small crowd in a physical meeting. Projects carried out using Agency9 CityPlanner normally reach multiples of thousands unique visitors and receive hundreds of valuable comments from citizens. Needless to say but it seem to be a more representative method for public participation in smart cities when the opinion of the citizens count.”  – Håkan Engman, CEO Agency9 AB.

Click here to see a live project using the new Dialogue in CityPlanner

The Dialogue tools of CityPlanner are designed in close cooperation with visionary and forward thinking municipalities in Scandinavia to support the planning authority in communicating plans and collecting comments from citizen via the web and mobile. The citizen can easily without installations view the virtual 3D model of the city in his mobile or PC, and see the proposed plans as CAD models and information point or even videos. The citizen make georeferenced comments in the virtual 3D world, add images and even draw an area/line to illustrate the comment. This gives the planning authority a good understanding of the opinions of the citizens as valuable input for the development of the plan.

CityPlanner is a 3D visualisation tool for planners, communicators and project managers to easily create interactive 3D presentations and dialogues to be shared with colleagues, stakeholders and to the public. With ease the same project scenes can be published on interactive touch screens for exhibition or show rooms. A complete communication solution for the Smart City.

Om Agency9

Agency9 is a leading provider of software for online 3D visualization of geographic information and maps for collaboration and communication, to the infrastructure, construction, and public sector. Agency9’s product portfolio for web and mobile includes 3DMaps developer platform and the cloud service CityPlanner. The company was established in 2003 and is an established leader in the online 3D market.

Contact: Håkan Engman, CEO Tel: +46 70 305 7707  Mail:


Image 1: Planned project is shown in a three dimensional map for better understanding


Norrköping Dialogue

Image 2: Citizens place comments in the 3D map from the web or mobile

Norrköping Dialogue Create