New design, new features and bug fixes

We are super excited to launch this major update with lots of new features and fixes. Not to mention that CityPlanner is getting a facelift with a modern design and better admin pages user experience.

Here’s whats new in this release:




groundview6 groundview5

New Features

  • New design for landing page and admin pages
  • Ground navigation mode. Move and look around on ground, existing buildings in 3D-city model and uploaded 3D-models
  • Terrain modification with uploaded Shape file (WebGL and Offline only)
  • Draw order on terrain for WMS, Shape, Images. Set the order in which terrain textured layers are drawn. Works globally in the project
  • Mipmap support for textures
  • New design for default POI Icons
  • Search projects in admin project list pages

Bug fixes

  • Offline sync updates itself, no need to manually download (you need to download this version though for the bug fix)
  • Point of interest uploaded pictures now maintains aspect ratio 
  • Terrain modifications are now the same height for Java, WebGL and Offline
  • Project title shown in description popup when opened from a Portal and not the portal title
  • Layer access setting fix. Layers no longer needs Access Everyone to be shown for invited project members in WebGL and Offline
  • Offline touch tilt lag mitigated
  • Embed code serves the correct project template now
  • Support form easier to find

Let us know what you think!

Send us an email to and give us feedback.