New Editor early screenshots

As you might know, we’ve been hard at work the last six months redesigning the Editor from the ground up. We started by surveying our users on how they would like the CityPlanner experience and work flow to be like and also asked them to help us prioritize features. The result of the survey, along with years of experience developing CityPlanner, gave us a list of targeted features and user experience goals.

With the new Editor we want to improve usability, shorten task completion time, support instant previewing for all content, build a modular GUI and backend structure to support adding features without cluttering the interface, and much more.

We want the Editor experience to be much more like a desktop application than a web page with support for common features that you’d expect from any application such as:

  • Undo/Redo
  • Duplicate
  • Select/Multi-select to edit
  • Drag&Drop to add content
  • Powerful and secure collaboration

Here’s a first look at where we’re heading:

Editor is everything

Everything is created in and accessed from the Editor. No more switching between admin pages to find the setting you were looking for. After login, you’re in the editor and you’ll open or create projects from inside the Editor.


Editor layout

Here’s how the Editor is organized. The Editor toolbar is visible for editing users. Each tool icon is a grouping of similar features, such as Viewpoints & Tours.


Edit and Preview simultaneously
Click on content to edit and then preview the change instantly. The Editor will show you what a change will look like straight away without you having to exit the Editor or switch modes.


Object Manager

The object manager helps you organize your content into groups, layers, and objects. It also lets you control which content is accessible to team members and public users. The object manager is the backbone of your project, anything that is related to the project will show up here for easy access and review.


We’ll start inviting alpha testers beginning of 2016 and then release it in steps under 2016.

That’s it for this preview!

We’re really exited about the new Editor. What do you think? Let us know, drop us feedback at or