3DMaps and CityPlanner Gallery

These examples works plugin and app-free using WebGL in Desktop/Mobile web browsers.

Gothenburg 3D

Photorealistic textured 3D city model covering the entire city and municipality of Gothenburg Sweden. Use touch gestures to navigate or tap the viewpoint buttons to the right to fly to landmarks.

Use the settings to select a graphics quality suited for your device.

Gothenburg – Frihamnen

This CityPlanner example showcases the city of Gothenburg as a photorealistic 3D City model with an ESRI CityEngine model embedded. The 3D-sketch illustrates a very large urban development project in Frihamnen. The CityEngine 3D-model was exported as KMZ and imported into CityPlanner.

iPad Air2 or similar Android device is recommended for the best experience.

Make sure to check back, more examples to come.

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